Knife, vape found on NVOT student


OLD TAPPAN, NEW JERSEY —— A female student at Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan was found in possession of a vape pen and a pocket knife on Feb. 1, said the borough police chief.

Police Chief Thomas Shine said school policy prohibits students from possessing a weapon of any kind, as well as a vape pen. Often, Shine said, vape pens may be used for inhaling nicotine-based substances and controlled dangerous substances such as marijuana.

Following the incident, Superintendent James M. Santana told that the incident “was addressed appropriately” and no one was injured or threatened by the student.

Shine said school policy required that the student be sent by ambulance for evaluation and testing after the incident.

During the school year, Shine said police have been called four times to the high school to assist education officials when students have been found with vapes.

The online NVOT Student Handbook notes “students in possession of a weapon will be suspended and may be subject to additional consequences pending a hearing by the board of education. Charges will be filed with the police.”

“We will always work with the schools and have an excellent relationship with the administration,” Shine said.

Shine said vapes can only legally be purchased by someone 21 years old. If further investigation is necessary, the police will assist the high school administration, Shine said. Efforts to reach Santana and NVOT High School Principal Bruce Sabatini were not returned by press time.