This article originally appeared in the Nov. 21, 2016 edition of Pascack Press.

MONTVALE – Montvale voters elected one candidate from each major party on Election Day, when Republican incumbent Tim Lane  and Democrat Elizabeth Gloeggler (D)  led vote tallies among the three candidates.

Lane will begin his fourth consecutive term as a councilman for Montvale after his win this 
year. The 25-year resident  outlined his three goals with Pascack Press in an interview.

Lane said he wants to “to address the challenges of changing corporate real estate demand and manage proposals for development that are different from the master plan adopted by Montvale for the past 25 plus years,” “to vastly increase the awareness and understanding of Montvale’s residents regarding town issues through stronger communication and active structures like citizens’ advisory groups,” and “to address real infrastructure spending needs while maintaining Montvale’s strong financial position.”

Lane said he remains firm in his convictions that have defined his tenure in public service.

“I’m a moderate Republican who generally supports private rights over government mandate, but what I’ve learned is that I need to do a much better job of reaching out to residents to give them the information they need to understand the complexity of issues like development,” Lane said.

Social media could be a medium for accomplishing this goal. 

Gloeggler, a 30-year Montvale resident and CEO of Literacy New Jersey, also outlined her goals for Montvale.

“I will work with residents to find better ways to get their input and better ways to communicate town issues,” Gloeggler said. “I will work with parents to find more ways to involve Montvale’s youth in our town government and make sure there are more activities for tweens and teens. I will work with residents to fix the community center so it is no longer a residence for every animal in Montvale.”

Gloeggler spoke of the challenges Montvale faces. 

“One of the most important issues facing Montvale is the incoming development and the vitality of our corporate park,” Gloeggler said. “I am energized and committed to working with the Mayor and his Development Team to revitalize our corporate sector.” 

Lane said the pressures of development will continue to be a main issue in the coming years.

“The affordable housing mandate ties our hands somewhat, but we also need to think broadly beyond just that issue. How will all this affect our traffic, our schools and the overall ‘feel’ of Montvale going forward? We need to discuss this as a community...”

Lane received 2,027 votes to lead all vote-getters, while Gloeggler received 1,713, according to unofficial election results. Douglas Arendacs received 693  votes as an Independent who campaigned with Lane.

The Montvale Council is currently composed of five Republicans and one independent, with an independent mayor. 

Mayor Mike Ghassali told Pascack Press, “Council-elect Gloeggler will be debriefed on the open and upcoming projects in the next two weeks and Councilman Tim Lane has a good handle on the issues and is well aware of the issues.” 

He added, “I look forward to working with both of them, the entire council and the community as we work together for the betterment of our town.”



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